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NET Angra

With the company's corporate change in 2003, and the growth plans, the new partners led by Mr. Roger Karman saw the need for a good subscriber management system, which would allow for better quality service and better company control. After 17 years, the system today is in version 5.0, being multi-product, present in more than one city and company, managing millions of records every month and integrating with different platforms.

Roger Karman

Our partnership with Implement Systems provided us with a solid foundation to meet all the challenges we had to face in a very dynamic, increasingly complex and competitive market, regulated by a demanding federal agency (Anatel) and bounded by rules that very strict customer relations, which do not allow errors in the way of charging or serving a customer. Other key aspects were ease of use, fast user training, smoothly implemented improvements, and low maintenance costs. This all represents an important competitive advantage.


The Brazilian company Caboluc is veteran steel cable dealer and manufacturer of cable slings, chains and polyester straps for use in the logistics, oil and civil construction sectors, it has been going through an unprecedented modernization process in its 43-year history. The company's reinvention started from an apparently banal point - the replacement of a handful of software and methods scratched over time by a unified system of administrative and production management. The new system's deploy, developed on the FileMaker platform, works as a catalyst. In a matter of months, the company saw its revenue grow of 40%, and the number of items in its portfolio jumped from 550 to 1000 different products.

conheça nossos cases, Cases

Edmilson Sarchi

These are just some of the good indicators to demonstrate the correctness of the decision to exchange dozens of large Excel spreadsheets and files in several other watertight software, as well as clutter of documents and manual processes, for a unified application system that covers from start to finish all production, delivery, management, sales and project procedures.

conheça nossos cases, Cases

Palmares School

The platform monitors student progress and provides parents with test results with below average scores and also manages over 4 million materials produced annually by Palmares School, including homework, assignments and assessments.

Marcos Toscano

We realize the importance of making our procedures faster in a rational, practical, automated and safe manner. I suggested creating an application that would automatically deliver these low-performance tests, streamlining processes, minimizing costs, and providing easy access to each student's learning outcomes and curve.


Founded five years ago, WeJam has been the hot spot in the crowded sound branding segment for the São Paulo advertising market. With headquarters and four studios in the trendy Jardim Paulista neighborhood, as well as a creative staff with more than 20 years of experience and stints in large agencies, WeJam has in a system developed with FileMaker the great ally for integrated management of its procedures. jingles, spots, trails and sound logos.

conheça nossos cases, Cases

Equipe WeJam

We wanted something as agile and dynamic as WeJam and the advertising market. That's when we started looking for a company that worked with FileMaker. We have found in Implement the right partner to develop a solution that would free us from restricted systems.

conheça nossos cases, Cases, Brazil's largest Software reseller, uses the ERP Implement Manager solution for the complete management of Lead to Invoice / Finance, controlling its headquarters in São Paulo and branches in Latin America. The company was looking for an ERP / CRM that could streamline the company's processes, in particular, the receipt of Leads until the delivery of a proposal. The objective was to decrease the response time to the Customer and thereby considerably increase the chances of selling to its competitors. With the ERP Implement Manager, processes that took hours were done in minutes, currency conversion, quotations, taxes, delivery type, among other complications, all being done automatically by the system, which is integrated to the sales website.

Rodrigo Villar

For over 6 years we have had the support of Implement Systems for the development of our internal system on the FileMaker platform. The system had to keep up with the company's growth over the years, meet a new reality every day and integrate all areas of the company. Since then, the Implement Systems team has been instrumental in implementing improvements and providing support to users, without stopping our operations! And it has been a success!

The Beer Planet

The Beer Planet is one of the largest beer subscription clubs in Brazil and needed a flexible solution, made on demand, with a high degree of connectivity and integration with different systems, that allows a complete management of its ecosystem. In just over 3 months, it was possible to carry out a complete analysis of all processes, integrations and connections and the system implementation within the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, a method used by Implement for many years.

conheça nossos cases, Cases

Eduardo Caldas

We were lucky to find Implement at a time when we were going to the 3rd ERP because the previous ones didn't have the necessary flexibility to meet the particularities of our business model. The flexibility and agility of the system added to the partnership with the team, made all the difference and brought us an increase in competitiveness and productivity. I recommend!

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