Implement Arts
Textile PLM

Gain agility, reliability and productivity without increasing your staff

“Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.”
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Steve Jobs

A new proposal

Implement Arts is a management and monitoring system for the fashion production process, covering the product creation, engineering and all other sectors involved in the process.

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Your system, your way.

The entire structure of Arts has been designed to fully adhere to your company's workflow. With a friendly system and within its flow, there will be no unknown screens, unused modules, etc…

Agility and solidity

System developed using Claris FileMaker platform, an Apple subsidiary company, which gives a certainty of quality and safety to the solution.

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Integration with Adobe products

We develop plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This integration streamlines the process of registering and changing design data in the system.

Pre-Cost Calculation

Control and manage the pre-cost of your products, with breakdown by grade and assortment.

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Basic Features

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  • Full integration between the sectors with alignment to the company's workflow.
  • Export of model data, with information on the materials used.
  • Integration between model, mold, drawing and artwork.
  • Import of material table for inclusion in models.
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  • Robustness with up to 500 network users and 8TB of storage capacity.
  • Integration with various databases, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQl, Postgre SQL, DB2.
  • Cross platform software that can be accessed by Mac, Windows, Smartphones, Tablets and Web.
  • Low cost of license acquisition.
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  • All model information organized in one place.
  • Mix with collection's planning.
  • Reuse of models, saving huge time in the elaboration of a new collection.
  • Integration of internal team with third parties (suppliers, factions, etc ...).
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  • Real time graphics for monitoring the collections.
  • Online workflow control by model and collection.
  • Image archive of drawings, artwork and mold.
  • Tracking through smartphones and / or tablets.

Structure to grow

We can help your business gain agility and security in the data collections without increasing your staff

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