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With the company's change of ownership in 2003 and growth plans, the new partners led by Mr. Roger Karman saw the need for a good subscriber management system that would allow better service and better control of the company, after 13 years, the system is now in its version 5.0, being multi product and multi company.

With the growth of the company and the inclusion of new products, it was necessary to integrate the system with other tools and databases, such as:
- Internet management systems integrated with MySQL.
- Telephony Billings integrated with SQL Server
- CAS (conditional access and smart card management system for digital tv) integrated with Oracle.

The Telecommunications business is experiencing a moment of great openness in Brazil, with new demands where the control of processes, routines and results must have complete integrity and transparency. Given this, many Superimagine-like companies have had to reengineer their management system, which in our case was not necessary, given the flexibility of the Software, but mainly because of our relationship with Implement Systems, through their representative. Cláudio Roberto Heidemann, in a partnership that already extends over 13 years, always providing us with an adequate and efficient service and developing a system tailored to our company, exceeding all our expectations and needs, following all changes and changes. that the market demands.
Glauco Reis
Executive Director
Our partnership with Implement Systems provided us with a solid foundation to meet all the challenges we had to face in a very dynamic, increasingly complex and increasingly competitive market, regulated by a demanding federal agency (Anatel) and subject to rules. very strict customer relations, which do not allow errors in the way of charging or serving a customer. Other key aspects were ease of use, fast user training, smoothly implemented improvements, and low maintenance costs. This all represents an important competitive advantage.
Roger Karman
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